Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Personalized

Getting baby’s first Christmas ornament personalized is a step in creating family memorabilia. While I have not purchased any of these types of ornaments for myself, I have three daughters and have been given several unique first Christmas ornaments for each of them. Among all three girls, we probably have 6 or maybe 7 of these from various people.

My mother and mother-in-law purchased one for each daughter, and I think we received another from a friend. The main reason I didn’t buy any for my girls is that the oldest two were born during the holiday season and I was a little overwhelmed! Thankfully, others were ready to give that kind of gift. If you are in a growing family with babies being born, you’ll be interested to see what’s coming for the 2017 season.

Click on the images to see these ornaments and many more!

I use these on my main Christmas tree. They are part of the core collection of our Christmas ornaments and I don’t want them in a room I don’t go to as often. However, a small collection like I have could work perfectly on a mini tree or displayed across the mantel.

Since our daughters are all teenagers, we’ve had our ornaments for about 13, 15, and 17 years. One hasn’t held up as well as the others because something was added after it was purchased, but I can fix it and still like to make sure it’s displayed.

Last-Minute Christmas Ornament for Baby!

My middle daughter was born about 10 days before Christmas. This created a great challenge for anyone trying to get personalized Christmas items for her that year. The easiest solution was to buy an ornament that had room to hand paint or write her name on some part of it. She was due on Christmas Eve, so she made it a little easier by coming a week and a half early!

I found these on Amazon but had to be sure I added 2017 in my search. Otherwise I ended up with some very lovely but outdated Christmas ornaments. For someone who had a baby born close to Christmas, it’s a great opportunity to make sure they have the right year in place. But I was preparing for this coming Christmas. There will certainly be more added as the year goes on.

I found that I really liked the cute crafty aspect of the personalized reindeer ornament. It was a little more rustic looking than the other two for those that have more handmade ornaments. I also really liked the beauty of the crystal personalized ornament. So pretty with the lights twinkling behind it.

But if I had to pick the one I like the best, I give me vote to the hand-stamped metal ornament at the end. It’s the kind of ornament that would have suited my daughter’s Christmas season birth. The artisan states that this takes 1-2 days to create and a customer reported that it arrived in less than a week. Those time frames might be a little longer in the month of December, but still a gorgeous piece of handcrafted memorabilia that can come in a relatively short amount of time.

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