Beach Themed Christmas Ornaments

Beach Themed Christmas Ornaments

If you have ever spent time near the beach around the holidays, you’ll want to keep a piece of that memory with beach themed Christmas ornaments sets. These three are totally taking me back to my childhood holidays. During our annual Florida Christmas trips to see my grandparents, we always made time for the beach.

We mostly ended up with broken shells on our excursions – so hard to find whole ones. Also, decorated palm trees are definitely a thing in Florida. Use what you have and make it festive! And of course, anything with beautiful ocean water colors takes me back to the Florida coastline.


While I don’t have any of these sets, it’s seriously making me want to set up a beach themed Christmas tree. I have a little tree near the bottom of our stairs that would be perfectly filled up with just this set and white lights, nothing more – clean and simple, and full of warm memories. And since it would be so easy to set up,I’d be able to do this every year without much trouble.

What These Decorations Make Me Think About

My parents and sister and I traveled from Nebraska to Florida every Christmas that I can remember through my college years, except for just one. Just looking through these beach sets takes me right back there. I believe my mom and sister would LOVE any of these. It’s my mom’s parents we visited each year, and they split their time between their native Boston-area home and their Florida home.

My mom would love that the sea shells represent her growing up years near Cape Cod and the palm tree would reflect her adult visits to Florida with her own family. I recently gave my sister an air plant terrarium in a hanging glass globe with little shells. She loved it, so I’m sure some tree ornaments would be a hit as well. While she and I don’t have the Cape Cod memories of our mom, we shared lots of great years soaking up some sun and collecting shells while our friends at home were dealing with snow!

What I Love the Most

What I love the most about these ornament sets, aside from the obvious reference to family, is that they reflect the natural colors of the ocean, both the brighter colors and the softer neutral ones. This coloring would make the shapes of the shells stand out so well against dark evergreen branches. And I also like the obvious contrast in regions represented at one time. The warmth of the beach against the sturdy beauty of an evergreen tree of a northern forest. So pretty!

Since there are so many parts, another decorating idea is to share them. I could split any of these sets in half with my sister if I didn’t have a place to use all of them. Or you could decorate a fireplace mantle with one type of ornament set and the top of a large picture frame with a different one. I don’t think you have to feel limited to just the tree. But since they are small, you’d get the best impact with a smaller focused space where you could get up close to look, like near eye

My Favorite Ornament Set

I found these by looking through beach themed ornaments and noticed that many of the decorations have bright colors. I love that too, and the use of color is a great thing about Christmas decorating. But the softness and lack of glitz is what drew me the most to the shell set. It’s definitely my favorite. These are actual shells and it doesn’t get any better than that.

I like to add new decorations each year and I am now truly considering adding a beautiful beach element to my Christmas decor. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this already, but now it seems like I’ve found a good starting point. If I do get this set, I will definitely post a picture!

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