Black Cat Christmas Ornament







If you are a certain kind of cat lover, you’ll need to adorn your tree with a black cat Christmas ornament. These cats get an unfortunate rap for being bad luck or just a Halloween cat. But I personally know people who completely adore their fluffy ball of love year round and wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a cat lover myself (though not a current cat owner), I would definitely be on this track if I owned one. My friend Candy should have one of these, if she doesn’t already. Her girl Sweetie is a part of the family. I’m not sure what her Christmas tree looks like, but she ought to have something like this honoring her sweet girl.

Click on any of the images to see ornaments you can get today.

What I like the best is the option to personalize with some of the ornaments you can find here. Long after they have gone over the rainbow bridge, anyone who loves their black cat can have something to remember them by forever.

Click to check out the options above, and keep looking to see more options than I could include in this space here.

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