Ceramic Christmas Village Houses

Ceramic Christmas village houses – the holiday memories of my childhood home wouldn’t be complete without them. I don’t own any because I don’t have a good place to display them, but my mom has several. Most of them are the same ones she’s had since I was a young girl. I actually gave her one last year that looked like a quilt shop. She has been into quilting for several years so I thought it was about time to represent her main hobby in the snow village.


Because of my mom’s space limitations, she would have to add on pretty carefully. But there are some other buildings I think she would enjoy each year. When I get the chance, I’ll add a photo of my mom’s annual scene. Until then, I’ll share some favorites I found.

When I was growing up, we didn’t build our little village around collectors items. We had some quilt batting for the snow, some animals, and a church to start with. The church was a nice centerpiece to build up the rest of the scene.

Probably my favorite part is the mirror frozen lake. She has a couple of skaters that are always in the middle of falling down. She also puts the deer out there some years, which kind of reminds me of the winter scene in Bambi where the young animals skate around.

Later, we added a few ceramic houses and other buildings to add more of a town feel. As I said before, they are not part of a collection. While it lacks some obvious collective style, that also keeps the options open for adding on.

I have a few favorites that I found while looking for houses. When you look at the first two images, I clearly liked the traditional style of each home. I grew up in a house with shutters, so I’m definitely partial to that look. But if I have to pick a favorite, I’d say it’s a sentimental pick of the Peanuts school pageant. That special was on every year and I couldn’t wait to watch it. If I ever have a good spot for a village in my home, I will make sure this one is in my collection.

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