Christmas Wreaths with Lights

Christmas wreaths with lights can easily dress up many outdoor areas of your home. This would look great on a front door, on the front of your garage, on your porch, and maybe even your mailbox. These are simple to hang and the lighting makes it look a little extra special.

I currently have some tired greenery that I’ve put up on the lights that are on either side of my garage door. I could really use something with a little more spark and interest, so I’m considering some of these lighted wreaths to jazz up the space. My porch is also a little bare, and it’s covered so it could capture the reflection of the little lights pretty well. Take a look at what I’ve found so far.


What’s fun is the variety you can find online now. It’s not just about red and green anymore. White is a great alternative, and blue is such an on-trend Christmas color lately. It’s pretty easy to create the look you want with just basic lighting, a lot of adornment, or completely different colors.

Also, pay attention to the power source. Some of these require cords, but others have a battery pack. That will affect the versatility of what you choose and where you can put it. A corded one might work fine on a front door near an outdoor outlet, but it might be a hassle near the garage doors or by the mailbox

There’s a lot more selection than what I could show here, and most choices are set in different sizes. Looks like it’s time for me to measure the lights out front and see what kind of look I want this Christmas!

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