LED Outdoor Christmas Lights

I’ve been thinking about my outdoor lights for the holidays, and these LED outdoor Christmas lights are all far better than what I’ve been picking up at the local discount store. My only regret is that we only have one house to decorate!

But as of late, my husband has been hesitant to get up on the roof. I totally get it, and we haven’t had lights up for a few years, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about cool lights I’d love to have.

Soft Warm Glow of White Candlelight

My absolute favorite kind of Christmas light is a soft warm white glow. It’s pretty much all I every decorate with. The colored lights of my youth always looked kind of cheap and weird to me, and I’m so glad those have come a long way. But when I really have my preference, I’d cover everything in the warmth of soft candlelight. That’s what these remind me of. And this type can be molded around corners or follow shapes. That’s far better than just draping, and it seems easy to layer the glow effect in a concentrated spot.

Amazing Color Show

Some of the most beautiful outdoor lights in our general neighborhood are colored much like these second picture with the bunches of colored lights. They’re used on the roof line, the porches, and especially in the trees of these homes. Every time I drive by the same road to pick up my daughter from dance I get to drive by these amazing lights. Love it!

Futuristic Dripping Icicles

The gorgeous dripping icicle lights caught my eye – they look so modern and clean, almost futuristic. And I’m not a big fan of flashing lights, but anything that moves slowly or fades on and off gradually, I’m into that. These definitely fit the bill. And if I could get my husband to put lights up again on the roof, these would be on there. Maybe I could convince him to just do these over the porch? Those are definitely my favorite of this group.

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