Lighted Angel Tree Topper

What’s a Christmas tree without a lighted angel tree topper? For many years when I was growing up, we had a star on top of our tree. It cast a multi-colored burst of light against the high pitched ceiling in my parents’ house. But the last several years I was living there, we went with a glowing angel. While I didn’t like the idea of the change at the time, I have loved that look ever since.

I currently have a tired crooked star on top of my tree now. And as I was looking for angel tree toppers and remembering my parents’ tree, I feel like maybe my tree needs a change. I would love to see the glow of the lit top reflect on my ceiling like it does at my parents’ house. Take a look at what I found here.

The first angel has a lovely warm look with cream, gold, and soft pearls. For a tree with a vintage feel or more subtle natural colors, this is a good match.

For the second angel, I was immediately draw to the bold copper tone of the wings and dress. Then I noticed that it was an African American angel, which I thought was wonderful and somewhat of an unusual find. I had to include her here in this collection.

Finally, I’ll say that the bright white angel is probably my favorite. I have a little Christmas fantasy of having a brand new tree with bright red Christmas balls with bold red designs. This pure white angel would be the perfect compliment on top.

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