Lighted Christmas Palm Tree Decorations

A lighted Christmas palm tree can add a bit of beach to your Christmas decor. I don’t have any of these yet, but since I visited Florida every year to see family at Christmas, it may be time to add one of these to our home.

Since we have our main Christmas tree in the living room, I think it would be fun to have a lighted palm tree in the basement for something different.

It could still have some Christmas decorations on it, but with more of a fun vacation feel. And if you have a few “Santa on the beach” kinds of ornaments, this is a perfect way to display them.


Who would Like Palm Tree Christmas Ornaments in My Family

I think that I could interest my sister in one of these as well. They have a large front porch for a good display and she went on all the Christmas trips with me as a child. Plus, she has two little boys who would probably think it was pretty crazy to have something from the beach outside their house when it’s snowing.

My sister also has at least one other large yard decoration. But since she does have a fairly big front lawn area, I think she could keep this on the porch and the front sidewalk display could stand on its own. It would be a great area of focus up where some extra light would be needed on dark cold evenings.

What I Love Most about Lighted Christmas Palm Trees

What I love most about these lighted Christmas palm trees is that I live in the Midwest where this kind of tree doesn’t grow. It would be such a fun surprise to have something large and tropical on display at such a cold time of the year. Plus it ties into some personal history related to travel and family visits.

My young nephews enjoy their yard inflatables at Halloween and Thanksgiving, so I think they would get a kick out of the inflatable palm tree as well. They’ve been to Florida a few times and would probably think it was kind of funny to have a puffy palm tree in the snow. I also really like the funky modern look of the light rope tree. I think that gives a fun party kind of look for a gathering or a large area that needs something interesting, whether indoors or out.

However, I would give my final vote to the larger natural tree. Having been to Florida where these kinds of real trees are decorated with lights for the holiday, it would give me the most natural and realistic look.

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