Red Christmas Tree Ornaments

What could be more festive than vibrant red Christmas tree ornaments? The contrast of the bold red against the cool green of the evergreen branches really put me in the holiday mood. I found several beautiful ornaments that I would get in a heartbeat if I decided I had enough room for a purely red decorated tree.

I do have some red ornaments, but not very many. Most of my ornaments are older or ones my daughters have personally selected over the years. As they gradually take those ornaments with them, I’m kind of daydreaming of a classic red and green color scheme. Here’s what I found.

The first image with the large set is just eye candy for me. The contrast of the red and white in the various designs and shapes really caught my eye. It’s the perfect way to start up a new color scheme with heartbeat red at the heart of it.

If I were to just add one new red Christmas tree ornament to my tree right now, I’d pick the red bird. It has amazing detail and is truly a piece of art. I could even hang that up year round.

Finally, I had to include a set of solid red balls. If I had a lot of busy ornaments on my tree already, this would be my top choice. These aren’t just ordinary red balls though, they are nicely made smooth looking matte balls. A beautiful addition to any Christmas tree.

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