White Christmas Tree Ornaments

At first thought, I worried a little that white Christmas ornaments might be a somewhat bland choice for holiday decorating. But what I found was a pleasant surprise. These decorations are anything but boring. Each of them has a style and particular details that give them life and a distinct look.

We use white in our decor at home, but I really like that each of these choices can be used a slightly different ways. The snowflakes are definitely a complete set, the bird stands alone, and the golf ball could be used as a single item or part of a large set if you got multiples.

The snowflake set makes a great choice to stand out against the deep green branches of your tree. Add some silver garland and a few crystal icicle decorations and you have an easy classic look. As for the bird, I’ll say this one is my favorite. For several years, my daughters have chosen their own ornaments each year and we have acquired several beautiful birds this way.

The golf ball may look like a regular ball decoration at first, but upon closer inspection you can see the classic dimples and you know you are in the home of a golf lover! The individual nature of this ball also reminds me of something I did on my own Christmas tree when I was a teenager. I was really into space and star constellations, and I used small white balls like these to create a Big Dipper constellation across the tree.

However you use them, don’t be afraid to add these kinds of decorations to your tree as something intentional, and not just something in the background.

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